The Craigie/Joint Lecture

The CCSR is proud to be a co-sponsor of the annual Congress Craigie/Joint lecture.

Our member society, the CSBS hosts the Craigie lecture every other year, in the odd-numbered years.  When CSBS hosts the lecture, call it the Craigie Lecture.  In the even-numbered years, three other of our member societies rotate and hold a joint lecture.  The CSSR calls it the International Speaker Lecture.  Money is obtained for international speakers from Congress. The association responsible for it that year applies to Congress for funding, and also applies for the interdisciplinary aid fund along with the other association program chairs (when they are asked to).

In recent years, the CCSR has been able to respond to requests to support the lecture by providing additional funds.

Here is the rotation:

2006 – CSPS – Joint lecture (Bart Ehrman)
2007 – CSBS – Craigie lecture (Mark S. Smith)
2008 – CSSR – Joint lecture and reception (Daniel Boyarin)
2009 – CSBS – Craigie lecture
2010 – CTS  – Joint Lecture (Justo Gonzales)
2011 – CSBS – Craigie Lecture (John J. Collins)
2012 – CSPS (Cancelled)
2013 – CSBS – Craigie Lecture (Sean Freyne)
2014 – CSSR – Joint Lecture (Ron Grimes)
2015 – CSBS – Craigie Lecture (Hugh Williamson)
2016 – CTS – Joint Lecture
2017 – CSBS
2018 – CSPS
2019 – CSBS
2020 – CSSR
2021 – CSBS
2022 – CTS