Terence Donaldson

Terry Donaldson is Lord and Lady Coggan Professor of New Testament Studies at Wycliffe College, and has had a status-only appointment with the Department for the Study of Religion since 2001. His current research has to do with ethnicity and identity formation within “Gentile Christianity” to the end of the second century. More generally, his research interests have centred on the process by which the movement eventually known as Christianity developed—within a century or so–from its beginnings as an eschatological renewal movement entirely within the Jewish environment into a largely Gentile religion, separate from the synagogue. His areas of teaching and publications include Second Temple Judaism and its literature; Jewish “universalism”; Matthew; Paul; Gentile Christianity; anti-Judaism and the New Testament. Before coming to Toronto (1999), he taught at the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad (Saskatoon), with a cross-appointment to the Department of Religious Studies (University of Saskatchewan).

Wycliffe College
5 Hoskin Ave
Totonto, ON M5S 1H7, Canada