Rubina Ramji

Rubina Ramji is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Cape Breton University.  Born in East Africa and raised in Canada, Ruby received her B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Religion and Culture at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON.  She received her PhD in Religious Studies at the University of Ottawa in December 2003, which focused on images of Islamic women in various media discourses, including film and television.  She followed the PhD with a postdoctoral fellowship, which focused on issues of gender, ethnicity and identity amongst Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu immigrant youth in Canada.

Rubina teaches a wide range of courses, including courses on Islam, Christianity, Religion and Gender as well as Film and Popular Culture.  She finds a way to show movies and television clips in all her classes.

After serving as a Chair of the Religion, Film and Visual Culture Group for the American Academy of Religion and then the steering committee, Rubina continues to serve on the Executive Committee for the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion.  She is also the Senior Editor of the online peer-reviewed journal entitled Golem: Journal of Religion and Monsters and the Film Editor of the Journal of Religion and Film.

Her publications focus on understanding the images of Islam in North American mass media and its effects on Muslim identity.  Her recent research focuses on the emerging religious identities of second generation immigration Muslim youth in Canada.  Rubina is the author of a variety of articles and chapters in books, including The Continuum Companion to Religion and Film (Continuum Press 2009), Globalization, Religion and Culture (Brill Publishing 2008),Women and Religion in the West: Challenging Secularization (Ashgate Publishing, 2008),Mediating Religion: Conversations in Media, Religion and Culture (T&T Clark Ltd, 2003) andGod in the Details: American Religion in Popular Culture (Routledge, 2001).

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. Cape Breton University
Stdney, Nova Scotia
B1P 6L2