Zeba Crook

Zeba Crook did his MA at UBC with Dietmar Neufeld (1997) and his PhD at the University of St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto (2003) with John Kloppenborg. He’s a Full Professor at Carleton University (the one in Ottawa, not the college in Minnesota!). Zeba Crook publishes in social-scientific approaches to Judean and Christian writings, situating in the ancient Mediterranean social world, particularly on honor and shame, collectivism, patronage, friendship, theories of exchange, as well as in synoptic problem, memory theory, Jesus in modern fiction, religious studies, cultural studies. He’s currently writing an Introduction to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for OUP, and editing a collection of primary texts from the ancient Mediterranean and Near East that relate to their social values (honor, economy, dress, space, patronage, and so on) to be published by Eerdmans.

Carlton University, Religion department
2a43 Paterson Hall
Ottawa, ON
K1S 4Y7