Timothy Harvie

Associate professor, philosophy and ethics

After completing his PhD in Scotland and postdoctoral work in Wales, Timothy returned to Calgary and began teaching at St. Mary’s. He now live, along with his wife and their two dogs, in the far south of Calgary. He teaches philosophy and ethics because he has a passion for helping students think critically about their lives, communities, and their world. There is much that can be learned from an examination of classical and modern thought that open students to new questions and exposes them to new ways of viewing their experiences and their world. He desires to see his students become equipped to strive for justice and engage society with compassion in a spirit of equity and inclusivity. Timothy’s research focuses on philosophical theology where he engages practical questions from the standpoint of metaethical issues and grounded primarily in continental thought. He has published on diverse figures such as the German political theologian, Jürgen Moltmann, and the medieval scholar Thomas Aquinas. He’s interested in the big social questions of our day such as philosophical accounts of embodiment and the political economy. More recently, he has begun investigating scholarly discussions in critical animal studies and environmental theologies and philosophies. In this regard he’s particularly interested in intersubjective accounts between human and non-human animals as well as animal eschatology. When not doing academic work, he can be found walking its dogs, visiting the mountains, watching science fiction movies, or listening to the music of U2.

St Mary’s University
923 Robie St,
NS B3H 3C3
Office A327