The Craigie/Joint Lecture

The CCSR is proud to be a co-sponsor of the annual Congress Craigie/Joint lecture.

Our member society, the CSBS hosts the Craigie lecture every other year, in the odd-numbered years.  When CSBS hosts the lecture, call it the Craigie Lecture.  In the even-numbered years, three other of our member societies rotate and hold a joint lecture.  The CSSR calls it the International Speaker Lecture.  Money is obtained for international speakers from Congress. The association responsible for it that year applies to Congress for funding, and also applies for the interdisciplinary aid fund along with the other association program chairs (when they are asked to).

The CCSR will now fund a third lecture series which will rotate between these societies:

  • Association catholique des études bibliques au Canada
  • Société canadienne de théologie
  • Société québécoise pour l’étude de la religion

In recent years, the CCSR has been able to respond to requests to support the lecture by providing additional funds.

Here is the rotation:

2022 – CTS – Joint lecture
2021 – CSBS – Craigie lecture
2020 – CSSR – Joint lecture
2019 – CSBS  – Craigie lecture
2018 – CSPS – Joint lecture – Father A. Stewart. Columba, “A Modern Monk’s Work: Preserving the Manuscript Heritage of Endangered Christianity in the Middle East”
2017 – CSBS – Craigie lecture – Stanley Stowers, “What Was the Goal of Paul’s Religious Program?”
2016 – CTS – Joint Lecture – Mary Jo Leddy, “Crossing the Ocean of Indifference: Refugees and the Summons to Theologians”
2015 – CSBS – Craigie Lecture – Hugh Williamson, “In the Shadow of S. R. Driver: A Centennial Appreciation”
2014 – CSSR – Joint Lecture – Ron Grimes, “Celebrative Ritual and Fictive Religion: Prague’s Velvet Carnival”
2013 – CSBS – Craigie Lecture – Sean Freyne (cancelled due to the scheduled speaker’s illness)
2012 – CSPS (Cancelled)
2011 – CSBS – Craigie Lecture – John J. Collins, “New Perspective on the Sect of the Dead Sea Scrolls”
2010 – CTS  – Joint Lecture – Justo Gonzales
2009 – CSBS – Craigie lecture – Amy-Jill Levine, “Resurrecting Late Judaism: Archaeology, Analysis, and Apologetic”
2008 – CSSR – Joint lecture and reception – Daniel Boyarin
2007 – CSBS – Craigie lecture – Mark S. Smith, “God in Translation: Cross-cultural Recognition of Deities in the Biblical World”
2006 – CSPS – Joint lecture – Bart Ehrman
2005 – Craigie lecture – Paula Fredriksen, “Mandatory Retirement: Ideas in the Study of Christian Origins whose Time has Come to Go”
2004 – Craigie lecture
2003 – Craigie lecture – Phyllis Byrd, “‘Sacred Prostitution’ in History and Rhetoric: Constructing the Religious World of the Hebrew Bible”
2001 – Craigie lecture – James M. Robinson, “The Historical Jesus, Q and Nag Hammadi”
1999 – Craigie lecture – James Kugel, “You’re Killing Me With Kindness, or, A Modest Proposal Concerning the Teaching of ‘Introduction to the Old Testament’”
1997 – Craigie lecture – Wayne Meeks, “Judaism, Hellenism and the Birth of Christianity”
1995 – Craigie lecture – Carol Newsom, “The Book of Job and the Remaking of the Moral Imagination”
1993 – Craigie lecture – John Dominic Crossan, “Jesus as Peasant”
1991 – Craigie lecture – Meir Sternberg, “The Code of Double Refusal in the Bible”
1989 – Craigie lecture – Krister Stendahl, “From History of Salvation to Wisdom Common and Eternal”
1987 – Craigie lecture – John H. Yoder, “‘Holy War’ Among the Ancient Hebrews”